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Use of ODEP Ratings in the NJR

The 10th Annual Report of the National Joint Registry for England, Wales and Northern Ireland summarises usage of hip implants recorded within the NJR by ODEP Rating.


In 2012, the NJR recorded usage of 146 brands of femoral stem, 101 brands of acetabular cup and eight brands of resurfacing cup.  This is a decrease in the number of brands of acetabular cup and stem in use compared with 2011.


Analysis of primary procedures show use of products meeting the 10A benchmark to be:

  • Cemented stems 88% (using 14 brands out of 47 recorded on the NJR) 
  • Cementless stems 69% (17 brands out of 91) 
  • Cemented cups 34% (10 brands out of 43) 
  • Cementless cups 3% (7 brands out of 57) 
  • Resurfacing cups 63% (1 brand out of 9)


Comparison with the 2011 figures shows that use of cemented and cementless stems achieving the 10-year benchmark has not changed significantly.


Data Table





Cemented Stems




Cementless Stems




Cemented Cups




Cementless Cups




Resurfacing Heads




Resurfacing Cups




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