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Future Plans


Future Plans

ODEP has been asked to advice specialities outside orthopaedics with a view to them taking up the ODEP philosophy for implants used in their speciality. These specialities include vascular, cardiac, gynaecological, plastic and urological surgery.

Within Orthopaedics there has been a request (Autumn 2020) for us to develop ODEP and Beyond Compliance for Ankle, Patello-Femoral and Elbow Replacements. We are currently exploring the possibilities of developing similar systems for spinal implants. 


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ODEP will always be available to help any institution that wishes to introduce a system that will protect patients from poor implants and promote the best ones.


Post 15 year benchmarks 
The question, where do we stop has been raised. In the next 10 years we will have 25 year data from the registries. Only nearer the time will we have any idea of what this data looks like in terms of death rate, size of cohorts etc. Doubtless the public will want to know what lasts 25 years and what doesn’t.


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