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Guidance for Marketing of ODEP Hip, Knee and Shoulder ratings


ODEP are supportive of manufacturers and distributors using ODEP ratings during the marketing of their products within the UK and international markets. ODEP would however like to provide guidance to ensure that any use of the ODEP ratings are used fairly and consistently and follow the principle of ensuring the ratings are not used to mislead current or potential customers in any way.


  • In all marketing information (including but not limited to; posters, banners, presentations, leaflets, social media posts etc.) please ensure that is referenced with the wording; Latest ODEP ratings can be found at
  • Any marketing material or presentation should be clear and unambiguous with regards to the product and rating being referred to. This is especially important when producing marketing material for brand families within hips and shoulders, and ensuring that marketing material for ODEP knee ratings refer only to the specific construct of knees that the rating applies to
  • Unless express written permission has been given by the panel, new ratings should only be communicated externally of the manufacturer/distributor until their publication on
  • No reference should be made to ODEP ratings of competitor products within written marketing material.
  • Any material referring to the difference between ODEP ratings should include the details of the ODEP ratings guidance as found at
  • You may quote a product ODEP rating, as listed on the ODEP website, in marketing literature relating to the product.  Use of the ODEP logo and ODEP rating icon images is restricted to premium listed products only.  For premium product listings contact 

ODEP reserve the right to remove any rating from supplier’s products should there be consistent and deliberate non-conformance with the guidance above.

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