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ODEP - The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel

Beyond Compliance - This is a UK initiative introduced in 2011 following the metal on metal problems of previous years. It involves closely assessing and monitoring new total hips, knees and shoulders.

ABHI - The Association of British HealthTech Industries 

BSA - Business Services Authority

Benchmark - A “Benchmark” is  an agreed standard which can be applied to implant performance. It will usually be determined by using worldwide, outcome data. It usually infers the use of the non inferiority concept; ie, to achieve a benchmark the data on an implant must meet the standard that is required.

BASK - British Association for Surgery of the Knee

BASS - British Association of Spinal Surgeons

BESS - British Elbow and Shoulder Society

BHS - British Hip Society

BOA - British Orthopaedic Association

BSI - British Standards Institute

BSR - British Spinal Registry

CE - mark Conformitee European

EFORT - European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
GIRFT - Get It Right First Time. An initiative introduced by Prof Tim Briggs FRCS CBE to reduce the rate of revisions in joint replacement and secure value for money

ISAR - The International Society of Arthroplasty Registries

Kaplan Meier -The Kaplan-Meier method (Kaplan & Meier, 1958), also known as the "product-limit method", is a nonparametric method used to estimate the probability of survival past given time points. It is the most commonly used method of assessing survivorship of joint replacements and many other technologies

Linkability - % (Percentage). (Registry) The percentage of patients whose revision can be linked to a primary procedure in a registry. Essential if revision rates can be believed

Legacy Device - this is considered to include all devices previously certified under the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) or Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive 90/385/EEC (AIMDD)

LROI - The Netherlands National Joint Registry. One of the best registries in the world

MHRA - Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency  

NEC - NEC Software Solutions UK is the company that supports Beyond Compliance and ODEP. They provide the systems and infrastructure that underpin many crucial public services

NRES - National Research Ethics Service (UK)

NJR - National Joint Registry of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey and  the Isle of Mann
NORE - Network of  (arthroplasty) Registries of Europe

NOV - Netherlands Orthopaedic Association

PASA - Purchasing and Supply Agency

Predicate - This term is used extensively in the USA. A predicate device is one which has all or many of the features of the device in question but backing clinical data is not implied.

PSUR - Periodic Safety Update Reports

PTIR - “Prosthesis Time Incident Rate” is an index that can be used to measure the performance of an implant. The PTIR is the number of revisions divided by the total length of time the patients are at risk of revision. This is calculated with 95% confidence intervals (assuming a Poisson distribution). It is then compared with the overall PTIR for all implants of that type. To ensure that high-volume implants do not distort the overall results, if an implant constitutes more than 25% of the total number of primary procedures for that type, the overall PTIR is calculated both with and without that implant for comparison purposes.

SCCL - Supply Chain Co-ordination Limited

TAR - Total Ankle Replacement

TER - Total Elbow Replacement

THR - Total Hip Replacement

TKR - Total Knee Replacement

TSR - Total Shoulder Replacement (usually including hemiarthroplasties)




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