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ODEP Methodology


Patient Matched

ODEP started to benchmark groups of implants that come under the heading of "Personalised" in 2020.

ODEP does not benchmark the original "Custom" TJRs, most of which were used to replace massive defects as in cancer surgery, extensive infection or other pathologies than arthritis. It is unlikely this policy will change in the foreseeable future. These implants made from bar or 3D printed are unique and do not have CE marks.

Recent Developments

During the past few years an increasing number of manufacturers have begun to offer what some call patient matched, personalised, bespoke (etc) TJRs. These are manufactured from a CT or a MRI scan of the patient's arthritic joint and often come to the operating room with their own (disposable) set of instruments. 

ODEP has come to the decision, as has been noted in other sections of this website that they should benchmark these implants.


For further details please refer to the comparable section under the methodology for individual joints.



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