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ODEP Methodology


Progression of Rating

ODEP is entirely voluntary for manufacturers. Once a manufacturer has elected to enter their product for assessment with a view to obtaining ODEP benchmark, they are committed to staying in the process until:

Their submission is REJECTED for one reason or another; so if the product previously had an ODEP rating, but the latest submission is rejected on the grounds of poor data or its presentation, the rating will be removed and the product marked as
They fail to apply for the next benchmark when they would normally progress to a higher level LAPSED RATING.
The Manufacturer withdraws the implant from the market WITHDRAWN.

They can enter their implant into the ODEP process at any level provided they have the data to support the submission. Most implants enter at the pre-entry stage and then progress through the benchmarks in a timely manner.

ODEP will only list a product with one benchmark and it should be the highest that the implant can command.



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