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ODEP Explained


Summary of Output

  • ODEP reviews between 250 and 300 submissions a year 

  • Each submission will have been read by all the members of the particular speciality group prior to the meeting. Each submission is scrutinized, under the direction of a "leader" (one of the members appointed to oversee about 10-15 of the submissions for that meeting) during the meeting and a decision is recorded 

  • Between 2003 and 2012 ODEP only assessed Hips and so it was not until well into the second decade that the number of meetings and numbers of submissions scrutinized dramatically increased 

  • Nowadays just over 700 implants have ODEP ratings 

  • Since we began, over 100 implants, which at one time had an ODEP rating, have lost this rating for one reason or another.

At an ODEP meeting the panel will either:

1. Accept the submission without further comment
2. Provisionally accept the submission pending further information or clarification being provided by the time of the appeals meeting
3. Reject the submission. The possible reasons for rejection include:
a) Failure rate too high to meet the benchmark (unusual)
b) Cohort size not adequate
c) Inconsistencies in the data

ODEP will publish on this website the names of implants that have an ODEP rating and also the names of implants that have lost their rating or have been withdrawn from the market. The manufacturer is welcome to add an explanation for a lost rating if they wish.


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