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ODEP surgeons
Evert Smith
Evert Smith


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon,
BHS rep to ODEP,
EHS rep,
Specialist Hip Arthroplasty Surgeon 



  • Consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery employed by North Bristol NHS Trust – 1994 to present
  • Special interest in revision hip surgery, complex primary hip replacement and minimally invasive surgery of the hip
  • Member of the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel - 2002 to present
  • Member of the Beyond Compliance Steering Committee and Advisory Group - 2014 to present
  • Regional Clinical Co-ordinator for the National Joint Registry for the South West region - 2003 to present
  • UK Representative for the British Hip Society to the European Hip Society – 2012 to present
  • Scientific Committee Member of the European Hip Society – 2011 to present
  • Bearing Surface Advisor - National Joint Registry - 2010 to present
  • Contributor and Member of the Advisory Group for the Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation Center
  • Affiliated staff member - Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics, University of Bath
  • Associate Editor in Chief UK - Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation - Reconstructive Review Journal
  • Faculty member and regular speaker, chair and panel member at international hip conventions
  • Journal reviewer - Bone and Joint Journal and Bone and Joint Research and previously Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
  • Journal Reviewer - Hip International
  • Organiser and Coordinator - Bristol Hip Arthroplasty Course
  • Founder and Director of Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity - charitable resource with a mandate for research and provision of Fellows
  • Author and co-author of numerous peer reviewed papers mostly with an emphasis on hip replacement

Conflict of Interest
  • Consultant and royalty agreement with Biomet UK for prosthetic design of the Exceed Acetabular System and 15 degree face-changing acetabular cup. Agreement provides for all royalties on Exceed implants used at North Bristol NHS Trust to benefit the Trust – 2001 to present
  • Biomet UK previously provided some research funding for the ReCap Magnum which was undertaken at North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Consultancy Agreement with Stryker UK Limited for hip surgery and hip replacement. Travel and accommodation expenses are paid and I receive a fee for one off work projects undertaken on behalf of Stryker UK
  • All consultancy work is undertaken outside of NHS time
  • Medacta AMIS programme – training, travel and accommodation expenses for the programme are paid by Medacta
  • Work undertaken for all committees and societies is unpaid
  • North Bristol NHS Trust may occasionally release me from paid Trust work to attend ODEP, BC and NJR meetings, but I am otherwise unpaid for my work with these committees
  • I am entitled to claim travel and accommodation expenses to attend ODEP, BC and NJR meetings but I have never done so
  • When invited as a member of the Faculty to international conferences my travel and accommodation expenses are paid

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