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ODEP, the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel, was set up in 2002 to implement NICE guidance on primary hip implants. Hip resurfacing followed in 2004.


Since then, ODEP for Total Knee Replacements (TKRs) commenced in 2014 (with Uni-condylar Knee Replacements (UKR) being added in 2017). ODEP for all the different types of Shoulder replacement (TSR) was introduced in 2017 with Elbows being added in 2021.


Work is in progress to introduce ODEP for Spine with a view to a starting date 2022/23. It is likely that the first spinal implant to be benchmarked by ODEP will be cervical disc replacement. 


Before the introduction of ODEP there was no obligation for manufacturers  to check on the outcomes for the joint replacements they produce. Although it is voluntary for manufacturers to obtain ODEP ratings, it is very difficult for them to sell their products in the UK without a rating. For lots of reasons, it is very unlikely that manufacturers would falsify their submissions.


Submissions are accepted bi-annually for each joint. Hips and shoulders are benchmarked in the spring and autumn with knees in the summer and winter. It is worth noting that at present we do not currently rate hemi-arthroplasty or revision implants. The decision about revision implants is under review.


ODEP has become an international brand. It is used in all the counties coloured blue in the world map below and we will undertake a benchmarking assessment for products not used in the UK.


It is important to realise that ODEP stands for Orthopaedic DATA Evaluation Panel and not DEVICE panel. We assess data submitted about a device.


We do hope you find the data on this website both clear and interesting and that you find what you require.


Best wishes from ODEP!


Please note that although we are working together, ODEP is not part of the NJR. 


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Beyond Compliance

In  2011 ODEP  was asked to develop and then organise Beyond Compliance as a system that would fill the gap between the granting of a CE mark and the ODEP 3 ratings. This arrangement has been proven to work well.

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