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11 – 10A
Shoulder Glenoid

SMR System – Modular Humeral Stem

SMR Total Anatomic &ndash; Uncemented Modular Humeral Stem* Platform, cementless, modular, fixed neck shaft angle. The SMR System was released on the market in 2002 &ndash; the SMR Cementless Humeral Stem is part of this modular shoulder platform with over 15 years of clinical application. The SMR humeral component is available in different diameters; among its features, there is the finned main body &ndash; to limit the risk of rotation &ndash; and the triple conicity, that characterizes the profile of the stem and is designed to ensure an ideal press-fit in any shape of the humeral canal. Another important feature is the complete modularity that characterizes the entire SMR portfolio: in fact, it is possible to couple the humeral stem with different metaphyseal humeral components, which are specifically designed to address elective or trauma cases. Moreover, if a conversion to a total reverse shoulder prosthesis is ever needed, the stem can be retained into the bone. Please refer to the <a href= target=_blank>LimaCorporate website for more information. *Uncemented Humeral Stem / Cemented Glenoid combination in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty.

Supplier: LimaCorporate

Brand: SMR

Fixation - Head: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

First date of use: 2002

Current ODEP rating: 10A

Previous ODEP Rating (currently unrated products only): Platform, cementless, modular, fixed neck shaft angle

ODEP Rating Updated: 2021 (S2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2024

ODEP Product ID: 9574