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Unity CR
-Total Knee

Femoral: CR, Cemented Tibia: Fixed, Cemented, CoCr Insert: CR, Fixed, UHMWPE Patella: Domed Designed as a high performance, intelligent knee platform, Unity combines innovative design concepts and advanced manufacturing technology to address existing concerns in total knee surgery: Optimising knee function Unity incorporates a single radius femoral design, proven to enhance mid-flexion stability and quadriceps efficiency by reducing paradoxical anterior glide, inherent in existing ‘J curve’ knee designs.

A rotator freedom concept, minimises tibial rotational torque and soft tissue conflict, providing the flexibility of a mobile bearing in a fixed knee design. Designed for today’s active patient The key design features incorporated in Unity optimize implant longevity demonstrating a 52% reduction in contact stresses, 25% reduction in micro-motion compared with competitor single-radius designs and a significant reduction in wear compared with popular fixed-bearing competitors.

A high performance knee solution, the Unity Knee accommodates up to 165º safe flexion whilst minimising interfacial shear forces and thereby risk of loosening. Patient contoured anatomic designs Incorporating both male and female anthropometric design considerations, Unity utilises patient CT scans from around the world to facilitate an intelligent solution optimising implant fit to suit both anatomies. Size specific tibial profiling maximises coverage for each tibial size.

Surgical precision and flexibility Through advanced instrumentation, Unity accommodates both procedural simplicity and system continuity, offering intra-operative flexibility and surgical choice.

Integrating both ligament balancing and measured resection principles, Unity provides the novel ability to maintain the medial joint-line throughout range of motion irrespective of surgical philosophy.

Supplier: Corin

Brand: UNITY

Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: n/a

First date of use: 2012

Current ODEP rating: 5A

ODEP Rating Updated: 2020 (K2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2022

ODEP Product ID: 7358