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ODEP, the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel was set up in 2002 to implement NICE guidance on primary hip implants. Hip resurfacing followed in 2004. Since then Knees (2014) have been added to the list of joints that ODEP benchmark and early in 2017 ODEP commenced benchmarking Shoulders.


Before the introduction of ODEP there was no real obligation for anyone to check on the outcomes for joint replacement. Since 2002 manufacturers use ODEP to benchmark their Hip, Knee and now Shoulder prostheses, against agreed standards and at regular time points. It is a rolling process and manufacturers will submit their up to date data from the pre-entry level (before the first official benchmark) through 3, 5, 7,  10, and since 2018 - 13 years. These time points will be extended as data from registries and other sources becomes available. Submissions are accepted bi-annually for each joint. Hips and shoulders are benchmarked in the spring and autumn with knees in the summer and winter.


The ODEP rating is now a commonly used benchmark used not only in the UK but globally.


In 2011 the panel was asked to develop and then organise "Beyond Compliance" as a system that would fill the gap between the granting of a CE mark and the ODEP 3 ratings. This arrangement has been proven to work well. Please go to for further details of "Beyond Compliance".


Please note that although we are working together, ODEP is not part of the NJR.


Upcoming Meetings in 2018:

KNEES - 28 June,



HIPS - 25 October,

Closing date: 8 October at 5pm

SHOULDERS - 27 November,

Closing date: 12 November at 5pm






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