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Methodology for Elbows

During 2020 it was decided both by BESS and the manufacturers of Elbow prostheses, that the ODEP process should be developed for Elbow and Radio Capitellar Joints.

The submission process opened in 2021, and the first ODEP rated shoulders were published on the ODEP website in early 2022, after a trial run.

The majority of the members of ODEP 4 Shoulders are experienced with TERs and have agreed to scrutinise “Elbow” submissions at the the same time as they scrutinize TSR submissions

It is recognised that again, there are different challenges. The number of TERs used per annum is very small compared with most other joints and the number of brands is limited.

As with Total Shoulders, revision is not a reliable end point in terms of measuring efficacy and longevity. When elbows “fail” they are generally left in situ. Therefore PROMS is again important in assessing their usefulness and effectiveness.