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Supporting Patients

Why are ODEP ratings important?

ODEP ratings provide a simple, independently verified assessment as to the performance of an implant. ODEP benchmarks implants against agreed standards. These standards are demanding, allowing clinicians to ensure that the implants they use are being monitored and comply with national guidelines. 

Discussing ODEP ratings with your surgeon

If you are a patient contemplating having one of your joints replaced, one of the things you may want to discuss with your surgeon is the type of implants they will be using in your operation. Your surgeon is best placed to advise which implants are most suitable for you. They will consider your age, gender, weight, lifestyle, and severity of joint degeneration as well as their own experience before making a recommendation as to which implant is right for you. They may give you a choice, but they will almost certainly limit it to what they and their theatre team are used to using. You will find the vast majority of surgeons use ODEP rated implants. Surgeons rely on ODEP to inform them of the performance of the implants they use.

You can use this website to see what ODEP rating the joint that they have recommended has been awarded by the panel. Please navigate through the website to see how we have come up with the rating your implant has been awarded.