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Waldemar LINK
14 – 7A
Hip Cup

Endo-Model Polyethylene Acetabular Cup
-Acetabular Cup

The LINK Endo-Model Polyethylene cups made from UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) were specifically designed for patients who are not candidates for a cementless system, and for patients requiring immediate mobilization following surgery. Their mediocaudal recess in right/left design facilitates implantation of the hip joint with special attention to protection of the nervus femoralis and psoas tendon. Polyethylene acetabular cups Endo-Model®; are obtainable as standard and anti-luxation versions.

Supplier: Waldemar LINK


Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: Monobloc

Humeral Head - Fixation: Cemented

Current ODEP rating: 7A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023 (H1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: Summer 2024

ODEP Product ID: 9639