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Waldemar LINK
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Endo-Model Rotational TKR with anti-luxation device
-Total Knee

Femoral component: CoCrMO Tibia: CoCrMO Insert: UHMWPE Patella: none The Endo-Model Rotating Hinge Knee Prosthesis is proven over 30 years. The System offers an intrinsic stability with excellent kinematic function. The System has a straight forward procedure with multiple options and intraoperative flexibility. The Endo-Model Rotating Hinge Knee Prosthesis has a ROM of 142°; and 2°; of hyperextension.

Supplier: Waldemar LINK

Brand: ENDO MODEL Knee

Fixation - Head: Cemented

First date of use: 1985

Current ODEP rating: 5B

ODEP Rating Updated: 2021 (K1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2023

ODEP Product ID: 9626