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Equinoxe 8° Augmented All-Poly Glenoid

All-poly Glenoid, with extra thickness posteriorly to compensate 8°; of glenoid axis. It is sided and comes in 3 sizes, with correlated curvature for consistant mismatch with humeral head. It has a longer central peg and 3 shorter peripheral pegs, and is used cemented

Supplier: Exactech


Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: Monobloc

First date of use: 2011

Current ODEP rating: 7A

Previous ODEP Rating (currently unrated products only): Equinoxe Platform Shoulder System

ODEP Rating Updated: 2020 (S2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2023

ODEP Product ID: 9615