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Adler Ortho SpA
20 – 3A
Hip Cup (Dual Mobility)

Fixa Duplex
-Acetabular Cup (Dual Mobility)

The Fixa Duplex Cup is a double mobility acetabular component. As with most Double Mobility Acetabular components, there is an outer shell, which in this case is made of Cobalt Chrome and a mobile High density Polythene liner which captivates and articulates with the modular femoral head.

The outer aspect (bone facing) surface of the component has a rough 3D printed (additive layer surface technology) outer surface. This surface has been coated with a hydroxyapatite coating, and it has a specification of 40 micrometres and it is produced using a plasma stream technology.

The outer surface is expected to give enhanced initial stability and lead to reliable bone ingrowth. The bearing surface on the inner aspect of the cobalt chrome cup is highly polished The polyethylene liner is compression moulded ETO sterilized UHMWPE. The outer shell is available in 14 sizes (42mm to 68mm with 2mm increments), while the UHMWPE mobile liner can be coupled with a 22mm inner head (all sizes), or with a 28mm one (sizes 48 and up).

Supplier: Adler Ortho SpA

Brand: FIXA

Beyond Compliance: yes

Fixation - Head: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

Current ODEP rating: 3A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023 (H1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2025

ODEP Product ID: 4353