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Adler Ortho SpA
7 – 13A*
Hip Cup

Fixa Ti-Por
-Acetabular Cup

The Fixa Ti-Por®; cup is a cementless acetabular component manufactured from Titanium alloy. The shell has a hemispherical shape with a flattened pole. The Fixa Ti-Por®; cup is manufactured directly from ti-alloy powder employing a 3D printing technology called Electron Beam Melting.

With this technology it is possible to produce a metal shell featuring an extremely rough monolithic tri-dimensional surface (Ti-Por®;) with interconnected pores and an average porosity of 700µm.

The porosity achieved using powder manufacturing cannot be reproduced using traditional additional spray coating techniques and provides an optimum environment for bony ingrowth.

Cup sizes available: 42 to 66 mm in 2 mm increments. The Fixa Ti-Por®; cup system accepts Biolox Delta®; ceramic liners in 32mm, 36 and 40mm inner diameters as well as UHMWPE (standard and highly crosslinked) liners with or without 15°; posterior wall with 28mm, 32 and 36mm inner diameters.

The cup is supplied with 5 screw holes complete with covers. Removal of the screw covers permits adjunctive fixation where desired, using 6.5mm bone screws.

Supplier: Adler Ortho SpA

Brand: FIXA

Fixation: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

First date of use: 2007

Current ODEP rating: 13A*

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023 (H2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2025

ODEP Product ID: 325