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Waldemar LINK
17 – 5A
Total Knee

Gemini SL Mobile Bearing PorEx with Patella
-Total Knee

Cemented Gemini SL Mobile Bearing CR with PorEx coating and with patella The GEMINI SL Total Knee System consists of a mobile bearing configuration which can be used either cruciate retaining or cruciate sacrificing and fixed bearing configurations (Cruciate Retaining (CR), and Posterior Stabilized (PS).

The articular surface of the Mobile Bearing configuration is ultra-congruent designed and permits joint surface geometries intended to maximize surface area and reduce polyethylene stress. The GEMINI SL Knee System allows for native joint reconstruction with an extensive range of motion and good kinematics. Primary stability is guaranteed through accurate fit of the femoral and tibial components, and due to proper choice from an extensive selection of sizes.

A cemented patellar component is optional. All femoral and tibial components are available with PorEx (TiNbN) surface modification. This leads to a ceramic-like surface, which significantly reduces the release of ions and is designed to improve tolerance in patients who are sensitive to metal.

Supplier: Waldemar LINK


Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: Modular

Current ODEP rating: 5A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2021 (K2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2023

Femoral Component Material / Type: Cruciate retaining

Femoral Component Fixation: cemented

Articulating Surface: UHMWPE and standard mobile bearing ultracongrent

Tibial Component Material / Type: standard mobile bearing

Tibial Component Fixation: cemented

Patella: 3 peg

ODEP Product ID: 9649