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Adler Ortho SpA
11 – 10A
Hip Stem

Hydra Stem
-Femoral Stem

The Hydra Stem is a modular collarless cementless hip stem. The stem body is straight and fully HA coated with an average 80µm thickness. The stem body is available in 10 progressively growing sizes (size 9 to 18). The Hydra stem is coupled with the Modula®; modular neck system. The linear matrix based Modula®; system allows for completely independent adjustment of offset, leg length and neck version. Accurate reconstruction of the patient individual hip anatomy is enabled using the 27 options provided by the modular necks. Modular neck hip systems were pioneered by the company founders and have been in clinical use since 1987.

Supplier: Adler Ortho SpA

Brand: Hydra

Fixation: Cementless

Fixation - Stem: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

First date of use: 2007

Current ODEP rating: 10A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2024 (H1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: Spring 2025

ODEP Product ID: 326