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Conformis Inc
14 – 7A
Total Knee (PM)

iTotal® CR, CoCr, Cem, Std Poly, Fixed Bearing
-Total Knee (PM)

Femoral: CR, Cemented Tibia: Fixed Insert: Std PE This implant comes under ODEP’s category of “Patient Matched Implants The iTotal CR (Cruciate Retaining) implant is a posterior cruciate ligament preserving, fixed bearing Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Each iTotal CR implant is unique. The patient’s CT scan is  used to accurately determine the shape and dimensions of the femoral and tibial components for each implant. The implant is designed to maximize bone preservation, restore the patient’s native anatomy whilst aligning the leg into neutral mechanical alignment. The 3D printed instrumentation is patient specific for all of the femoral and tibial bone cuts providing accurate placement and positioning of the components.

Supplier: Conformis Inc

Brand: iTotal

Beyond Compliance: yes

Fixation - Head: Cemented

Patient Matched Category: 2

Current ODEP rating: 7A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023 (K2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2026

Femoral Component Material / Type: Cruciate Retaining CoCr

Femoral Component Fixation: cemented

Articulating Surface: standard fixed bearing CR

Tibial Component Material / Type: CoCr fixed bearing

Tibial Component Fixation: cemented

Patella: Standard poly

ODEP Product ID: 4305