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Waldemar LINK
26 – Withdrawn
Unicondylar Knee

LINK SLED Prosthesis
-Unicondylar Knee

Femoral component: Cemented CoCrMo Tibia: Cemented all-polyethylene The LINK SLED Prosthesis was first implanted in 1969. Continually being improved on, the design has remained unchanged since its last modification in 1981. The “round-on-flat articulation allows a large degree of freedom and the joint motion is guided exclusively by the existing soft tissue constraints. Furthermore the design compensate for minor mal-position without resulting in “edge loading of the component and allows for less bone and healthy tissue removal.

Supplier: Waldemar LINK

Brand: SLED

Fixation - Head: Cemented

Current ODEP rating: Withdrawn

Previous ODEP Rating (unrated products only): 10B (2019)

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023

Femoral Component Material / Type: Cruciate retaining

Femoral Component Fixation: cemented

Articulating Surface: standard monobloc all poly

Tibial Component Material / Type: monobloc all poly

Tibial Component Fixation: cemented

Patella: none

ODEP Product ID: 9627