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17 – 5A
Total Knee

Physica PS without Patella Resurfacing
-Total Knee

The Physica PS (Posterior Stabilized) design has been developed according to a bone sparing philosophy: the PS open box dimensions change from size to size, aiming to preserve patient bone stock.

The Physica PS configuration is characterized by a 3°; asymmetric cam. The post-cam engagement is intended to replace the functionality of the PCL: the femoral cam and the tibial post have been designed with a wide contact area to help reducing the risk of tibial insert dislocation from the baseplate.

Supplier: LimaCorporate

Brand: Physica System

Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: Modular Tibia

First date of use: 2013

Current ODEP rating: 5A

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2023 (K1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2025

Femoral Component Material / Type: Posterior Stabilised

Femoral Component Fixation: cemented

Articulating Surface: standard fixed bearing PS

Tibial Component Material / Type: standard fixed bearing

Tibial Component Fixation: cemented

Patella: standard poly

ODEP Product ID: 9722