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24 – Lapsed
Hip Cup

-Acetabular Cup

Last rated 5A (2017) The SATURNE® cementless cup is a dual mobility acetabular component manufactured in M30NW with a mirror-polished inner surface and an outer surface coated with a double layer of titanium spray and hydroxyapatite. The shell has an anatomical shape with a flattened pole. The anatomical shape consists of an inferior cut-out and an upper overhang of 5 to 7 mm compared to hemisphere, depending on size. Cup sizes available: 44 to 64 mm with 2 mm increments. The insert is made of UHMWPE.

Supplier: Amplitude

Brand: Saturne

Fixation - Head: Cementless

Modularity: Dual Mobility

Humeral Head - Fixation: Cementless

First date of use: TBC

Current ODEP rating: Lapsed

Previous ODEP Rating (currently unrated products only): Last rated 5A (2017)

ODEP Rating Updated: 2021

ODEP Product ID: 9402