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11 – 10A
Reverse Shoulder

SMR Reverse

Component combination: Metal glenosphere / Uncemented Stem & Uncemented Metal Back Glenoid REVERSE SYSTEM Uncemented, Modular, metal glenosphere, polyethylene liner The SMR System has been released on the market in 2002 – the SMR Reverse is part of this modular platform with over 15 years of clinical applications. The SMR Reverse is designed to be used with both cemented and non-cemented humeral stems. The reverse humeral body is available as an elective body, a trauma version, with suture passing holes for anchoring soft tissue and a short version, for conversion from anatomic to reverse. The modularity of the SMR System allows a simple conversion from anatomic to reverse, without removing the humeral stem and the Metal Back glenoid, and intraoperative versatility. Three sizes of cross-linked polyethylene reverse liners are available featuring a chamfer designed to decrease the risk of impingement against the scapula and the consequent scapular notching phenomenon, as well as increase the range of motion. The glenosphere comes in sizes starting from 36mm as either concentric or eccentric, with 4mm of eccentricity from the axis of the Metal Back. This design aims to prevent the polyethylene liner impinging against the scapula and prevent scapular notching. The glenosphere offset can be oriented in different positions of the inferior quadrant. The connection to the Metal Back is based on the double cone technology, further supported by a safety screw.

Supplier: LimaCorporate

Brand: SMR

Fixation - Head: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

Humeral Head - Fixation: Cementless

First date of use: 2002

Current ODEP rating: 10A

Previous ODEP Rating (currently unrated products only): SMR Reverse, Cementless Metal Back glenoid, Metal Glenosphere, poly Reverse liner

ODEP Rating Updated: 2020 (S2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2023

ODEP Product ID: 9456