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TriFit TS hip stem
-Femoral Stem

The TriFit TS stem is a double tapered-wedge blade stem design. Developed using a comprehensive analysis of several hundred CT scans to optimise the intra-medullary and the extra-medullary stem design. Each of the 11 stem sizes come with a standard offset option (which increases with stem size) plus a directly lateralised or high offset option. By keeping a fixed 127°; neck angle, soft tissue tension can be fine-tuned without affecting leg length which allows the surgeon to address a wide range of patient geometries. Consistent intervals between each stem size help achieve proper fit within the femur and reproducible intra-operative and post-operative results. A-P dual taper proximal flare and proximal press-fit designed for immediate and effective axial stability. Initial stability limits micromotion at the implant to cortical bone interface, resulting in a higher probability for bony ingrowth. The reduced lateral shoulder, narrow geometry and optimised overall length of the stem minimises the amount of bone removed from the patient. Compared to longer designs, TriFit TS can better address minimally invasive techniques. Post-operative stability and function are also maximised by the implant range and geometry. The titanium plasma spray together with BONITTM calcium phosphate coating helps to facilitate primary stability in the femur and leads to secure fixation in the femoral canal. The polished, flat tapered neck design permits the required range of motion in the joint and reduces the likelihood of impingement. Thigh pain should be minimised by incorporating a tapered polished distal tip.

Supplier: Corin


Fixation: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

First date of use: 2012

Current ODEP rating: 7A

ODEP Rating Updated: 2022 (H1)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2025

ODEP Product ID: 2303