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Mathys Ltd Bettlach
7 – 13A*
Hip Stem

twinSys (Cementless)
-Femoral Stem

The twinSys uncemented is a straight stem that is originally based on the Müller straight stem design. With the help of the triply conical design and the hydroxyapatite coating, which is to act as a “biological cement”, the system fixates itself in the bone.

Supplier: Mathys Ltd Bettlach

Brand: Twinsys

Fixation - Stem: Cementless

Modularity: Modular

First date of use: 2001

Current ODEP rating: 13A*

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: 2022 (H2)

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2024

ODEP Product ID: 219