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United Orthopaedic
22 – Pre-Entry A*
Total Knee

U2™ Knee System
-Total Knee

The U2™ Knee System is designed to address the unmet needs in TKR so as to help improve patient outcomes, surgeon performance and optimize hospital efficiencies. Delivering value to patients, clinicians and hospitals alike, the U2™ knee offers the following benefits over conventional systems:

1. A simple, modern solution: A single streamlined, yet modern portfolio provides a cost-effective system, incorporating modern design principles whilst allowing seamless integration from primary to revision surgery.

Up to 25°; of rotational freedom[1], incorporated in the tibial insert, accommodates variable knee kinematics without polyethylene impingement and subsequent wear.

The U2™ Knee provides safe high flexion up to 155°;[2] without additional bone resection, conserving bone whilst ensuring safety for the younger, active patient population.

A bone sparing PS box resection, preserves femoral bone while avoiding the risk of intercondylar fracture in smaller patients.

2. Clinical Heritage: The U2™ Knee was first implanted in 2005 and has demonstrated survivorship of 97.6% at up to 7 years follow up in a US study[3]. Whilst the technology is new to the UK, over 60,000 prostheses[4] have been implanted worldwide with good clinical outcomes reported.

3. Optimizing hospital efficiencies: The U2™ Knee provides a seamless surgical approach maximising hospital efficiencies and theatre throughput. Only 4 instrument trays are required for CR and PS knee surgery, when compared with an average of 6 trays provided by contemporary knee systems helping to reduce storage and hospital sterilisation costs. Furthermore, a novel, patent-pending all-in-one sizing, rotation and resection guide accommodates both anterior and posterior referencing approaches facilitating surgeon choice and flexibility.

References [1] UOC U2 Knee Surgical Brochure on file at Hospital Innovations [2] UOC U2 Knee Surgical Brochure on file at Hospital Innovations [3] Ferro, T.D. (2014) Seven Year Study on Patient Outcomes and Experiences Using TKAs from Asian Manufacturers. July 16-19, 2014, Hawaii, USA. The 2nd Annual Pan Pacific

Supplier: United Orthopaedic

Brand: U2

Beyond Compliance: yes

Fixation: Cemented / Cementless

Modularity: Modular

Current ODEP rating: Pre-Entry A*

ODEP Rating / Status Updated: Monthly

ODEP Product ID: 4316