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Pre-Entry A*

XPE™ Cup
-Acetabular Cup

The Full XPE cup offers the surgeon all the benefits of a cemented all polyethylene cup with the added advantage of optimized head-to-cup ratio and a proven cross-linked polyethylene articulation. The full XPE cup incorporates a 20°; lip, a pressurizing flange and horizontal and vertical grooves for cement fixation. The PMMA spacers ensure adequate cement mantle whilst the X-ray marker assists with detecting cup position post-operatively.

Enhanced joint stability:

The Full XPE™ cup optimises head and cup size ratio, allowing for the use of larger heads when compared with conventional systems; thus enhancing hip joint stability, range of motion and reducing risk of dislocation. Evidence demonstrates that the larger head paired with the XPE™ Cup allows for 178°; ROM without impingement[1]. In addition, the 20°; lip further reduces the risk of joint dislocation in patients with poor soft tissue stability.

Improved longevity:

UOC’s XPE™, highly cross-linked polyethylene material has demonstrated 89% reduction in wear rates when compared with conventional polyethylene thereby providing a long lasting, all polyethylene cup solution[2].

References [1] Amstutz et al. Prevention and treatment of dislocation after total hip replacement using large diameter balls. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2004 Dec;(429):108-16 [2] UOC Report UOC-RD-TR-10012

Supplier: United Orthopaedic

Brand: XPE

Beyond Compliance: yes

Fixation - Head: Cemented

Modularity: Monobloc

Humeral Head - Fixation: Cemented

Current ODEP rating: Pre-Entry A*

ODEP Rating Updated: 2015

ODEP Rating due for renewal: 2018

ODEP Product ID: 4320